We offer dental implants at our Manchester based practice at an affordable price. We are committed to offering our dental implants at price that people can afford and will be continuing our implant offer of £995 each.

Dental Implant Consultation

Your first consultation for dental implants will be free, as we understand that deciding to have a dental implant is a big decision, financially and dentally. There will be no hard sell or obligation to buy. Simply ring on 0161 790 6682 to book your free consultation. *Please note that re-consultations will be charged at £35.00*

*Please note that there is a £30.00 deposit for all implant consultations. This will be refunded when you come to your appointment. If you fail to attend or cancel without at least 24hr notice this £30.00 will NOT be refunded.*


What are dental implants? Are they safe? How long will they last?

A dental implant is an artificially made tooth which is inserted into the jawbone. A titanium metal screw is inserted into the jawbone and a rod is inserted inside. An artificial tooth is then made and placed on top of the rod, this then becomes a dental implant. The implant can be used to replace a single tooth, or form part of the support for multiple missing teeth. Implants are a well-established method of replacing missing teeth. In 90 per cent of modern implants they can last for at least 15 years, providing of course that they are maintained and cared for.

I have some of my own teeth. Can I still have implants?

Yes. You can have just one implant or multiple implants.

I don't have any teeth. Can I still have implants?

Yes. We insert the implants into the jaw bone and use them for support for either dentures or as bridges.

I was once told that I may be unsuitable for implants. Why?

In order for the dental implant to work there must be a good solid support for the screw to fit securely into the jaw bone. Your dentist will arrange a series of special tests and x-rays to assess whether the bone is healthy enough and in good enough condition to support the screw. If there isn't enough bone then bone may have to be grafted into the area.

How soon can I have the new teeth?

Each case is individual, factors such as general health, age, bone density and the type of implant used can each have an impact on how soon teeth can replaced fully.

After the implant has been placed into the jaw the implant will need to integrate with the bone. It could take up to 6 months, however your dentist will discuss these aspects at your consultation.

I used to suffer from gum disease; will I get it again with the implants?

Yes. If you don’t keep the implants clean, and regularly see you dentist you may develop gum disease again. You must treat the implants as you would your own teeth, keep them clean, don’t smoke and visit your dentist regularly.

Do implants hurt?

Implants can be performed under local anaesthetic. There will be no pain during the procedure but you may feel some discomfort following the procedure. This is usual as with all procedures of this nature and is part of the healing process.

What's the timescale of the procedure?

If you have had a tooth extraction usually you will have to wait 12 weeks before we can insert the implant.

After the consultation the implant procedure will be booked, this will be performed under local anaesthetic. You will then return a week later to remove the sutures and to check the implant. We will then book you for 12 weeks + later for the final stage of the implant.

Implant oral hygiene

The most important thing to do after your implants have been inserted is to thoroughly clean them as your dentist advises. Poor oral hygiene may result in implant failure.

There are many different aids that can help to remove plaque from around the implants from interdental brushes, angled brushes and superfloss. All of these are suitable for removing plaque and are used in conjunction with your regular tooth brushing twice a day. For more information on how to look after your dental implants visit; Tepe Interdental Implant Care



What if I am unsuitable for dental implants or I can't afford them?

There are many people who find that they are unsuitable for dental implants or simply feel that this is not an option for them. If this is happens then there are other alternatives such as a flexible denture that may be a better option. Please see Flexible Dentures in Manchester - Cleggs Lane Dental for more information.

Single Dental Implant only £995.00 each.

Includes implant, abutment and crown.

Simply ring 0161 790 6682 to book your free consultation. 

*Please note that there is a £30.00 deposit for all implant consultations. This will be refunded when you come to your appointment. If you fail to attend or cancel without at least 24hr notice this £30.00 will NOT be refunded.*





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