Examination £30.00

Scale & polish £31.50

Scale & polish with local anaesthetic from £47.00

OPG x-ray £50.00

Amalgam filling from £50.00 - £82.00

White filling from £57.00 - £150.00

*Fillings are calculated per tooth surface*


Root canal treatment from £119.00 - £400.00 per tooth

Extraction from £57.00 - £157.50 per tooth

Crown from £438.00 per tooth

Whitening £250.00

Acrylic denture from £287.50 - £475.00 each

Flexible denture £650.00 each



Dental implants


Initial implant consultation free

Re-consultation £35.00 each visit

Dental implant (incl titanium implant, abutment & crown) £1495.00 each

Bone graft from £420.00 - £900.00

OPG x-ray £50.00

CT scan (on referral) £100 per jaw

*Please note that there is a £30.00 deposit for all implant consultations. This will be refunded when you come to your appointment. If you fail to attend or cancel without at least 24hr notice this £30.00 will NOT be refunded.*


* Re-consultations are charged at £35.00 each visit, this is payable before the consultation. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment this will be deducted from the overall estimate*


We offer free consultations for dental implants. If at this appointment you decide to go ahead with the treatment a further OPG x-ray will be taken. A deposit of £250.00 will be then made, this will be deducted from your total estimate. If you change your mind for any reason a charge of £50.00 for the OPG x-ray will be made. The remaining amount will then be refunded with copies of the x-rays.



Appointment Cancellations


We require at least 24hrs notice for the cancellation of any appointment. Implant insertion procedures require 48 hrs notice. 

If you fail to attend your appointment or cancel without notice there will be a charge before any further appointments are booked. This charge is calculated at £1.00 per minute. (See example below)

30 minute appointment £30.00

60 minute appointment £60.00

*Cancellation charges are only applied to non NHS patients*


Contact us

Cleggs Lane Dental Practice
Address: 34 Cleggs Lane,
Little Hulton, Manchester, M38 9WT
United Kingdom.
Phone: 0161 790 6682
Fax: +
Mail to: info@cleggslanedental.co.uk


In case of an emergency during practice hours, please contact the practice immediately. We will always endeavour to see a patient in pain within 48 hours.

If you require emergency treatment outside surgery hours, please telephone the practice where you will hear a message detailing the specific arrangement for that day. Alternatively ring 0161 337 2246.

How do I register?

Please ring the practice for details:

0161 790 6682/ 0161 790 5100

*Please note that we are not accepting new patients under the NHS*

NHS Choices can help to find services near you, follow the link here;


nhs direct